Services Offered

Services we offer

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial coating of all surfaces
    Whether it’s one room or office, or your entire home or factory, our service and workmanship is the best. We also paint cabinets doors,
    floors, and stain and varnish wood.
  • Dampproofing
    We tackle rising and lateral damp, condensation and mould. We use the most effective products available, which are used according to manufacturers specifications.
  • Roof Painting
    Before being painted, your roof is power cleaned with high pressure cleaners. We then identify and repair any leaks with proven, high quality waterproofing products
  • Drywall Installation, repair and coating
    Ceilings and drywall partitions often need maintenance or repair. We offer a complete drywall service which also includes installation of windows or doors in drywall partitions,

Do-it-yourself paint projects are often unsuccessful due to their rushed nature, inadequate surface preparation and selection of cheap or inferior products. Have you ever undertaken a diy job, only to discover it peeling after a few weeks? The quality of paint is very important.

If you have to paint 2 coats of poor quality paint as opposed to one coat of high quality paint, your coverage is half of the high quality paint. The price of the poor quality paint becomes almost double that of the good quality paint.

This is besides the fact that double the amount of labour is being utilised to apply the inferior paint. A professional paint job will last a long time, as the professional contractor will :

  • Select the correct paint system
    The selection of the correct paint to be used on specific substrate (for example, plaster, wood, galvanised steel and so forth) is complicated because of the large number and varieties of coatings available, as well as many different trade names.
  • Calculate the correct amount of paint
    Money is wasted by buying too much paint, and the job is spoiled when buying too little. An experienced contractor will estimate the quantity needed by establishing the size of the surface area to be painted.

    A correction factor must be introduced for profiled surfaces, e.g. IBR sheeting, corrugated iron or stippled finnishes, to allow for the extra area created by the profile. The practical spreading rate of the paint to be used is also a factor.
  • Select the appropriate application technique
  • Have the correct tools and equipment
  • Have a safety plan in place
  • Take the necessary precaution steps to minimise the mess and spillage we may unavoidably make while stripping, cleaning and painting the surface.

Locks, door handles and similar fittings should be removed or masked and refitted when the painting is completed.

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